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Green Map System Milestones
The Green Map System is a globally connected, locally adaptable framework for community sustainability. The System invites voluntary teams to create a fresh perspective of their hometown, a Green Map that charts the city's environmentally significant places, projects, organizations and other resources. Utilizing our shared "language", a set of 100+ icons that symbolize the different kinds of urban green sites, Mapmakers are independently producing unique, regionally flavored images that fulfill local needs, yet have a global linkage. The resulting Green Maps illuminate the interconnections between nature and the built environment, help residents discover great ways to get involved with the urban ecology, and guide tourists (even virtual ones) to successful greening initiatives they can replicate back home.  

Urban Environmental Management
UEMRI is essentially a grouping of urban planning researchers spread all around the world. It uses the internet as a means of communication and exchange of information, and a homepage to 'package' the collected information in a presentable way.

World of Composting Toilets
Aim to present information on composting toilets so that persons in all countries have the opportunity to help improve their living conditions and their surrounding natural environment.

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