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Behind this project:

Erling Okkenhaug
Has run the company Okkenhaug The Gentle Wave since 1979. The company serves as an advisor and idea developer for organisations and companies in the health sector, in the field of culture, and in the recycling industry, ecological agriculture etc. The Gentle Wave has been engaged in several cultural activities – from theatre to book publications and art projects.
Erling heads the ALLGREEN network, a forum for urban and rural development. Since 1991, ALLGREEN has supplied the terms for development in many towns and smaller locations. These include:

- the establishment of the historical Dale-Gudbrands Farm in the Sør Fron district
- the efforts to make the city of Oslo’s seaward side available for urban development
- the work to reopen parts of the town of Arendal’s canal systems
- the fight to save Bislett Sports Stadium
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All the pictures on the website are from Erling’s own files.



  Allgrønn TILSTEDE
Erling Okkenhaug

  Parkveien 25
  0367 Oslo

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